Meixian Techand FC
Official Name梅县铁汉足球俱乐部
Meizhou, China PR
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Club History & Honours
03.07.2003  -  foundation as Nancheng Football Team of Dongguan City  (东莞市南城足球队)
12.12.2012  -  relocating to Mei County and renaming in Meixian Hakka Football Club  (梅县客家足球俱乐部)
27.01.2016  -  renaming in Meizhou Meixian Hakka Football Club  (梅州市梅县区客家足球俱乐部)
30.12.2016  -  renaming in Meixian Techand Football Club  (梅县铁汉足球俱乐部)
Historical Club Logos

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