Sarpsborg FK
Official NameSarpsborg Fotballklubb
         AddressKurlandveien 2
1727 Sarpsborg, Norway
Phone & Faxunknown / unknownClub ColorsBlue / White
Club History & Honours
08.05.1903  -  foundation as Sarpsborg Fotballklubb
__.__.2000  -  merger with Tune IL, IL Sparta Fotball, Hafslund IF, Borgen IL and Greaker IF to Sarpsborg Fotball 2000
__.__.2002  -  dissolution of the merger and refoundation as Sarpsborg Fotballklubb
__.__.2007  -  first team merged with FK Sparta Saprsborg to SFK Sparta Sarpsborg
__.__.2008  -  taking over the place of its own second team to field a new first team
Historical Club Logos

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