FK Avanhard Merefa
Official NameФК Авангард Мерефа
, Ukraine
Phone & Faxunknown / unknownClub Colorsunknown
Club History & Honours
__.__.1950  -  foundation as Budivelnik Merefa
__.__.1953  -  renaming in Chervono Znamya Merefa
__.__.1957  -  renaming in Avanhard Merefa  (Авангард Мерефа)
__.__.1997  -  renaming in FK Avanhard-Metalist Kharkiv
__.__.1994  -  renaming in FK Metalist-2 (integration of second team Metalist Kharkiv)
__.__.1998  -  restoration of an independent club FK Avanhard Merefa  (ФК Авангард Мерефа)
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