More Angola Team Logos

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More Angola Team Logos

Postby CrispX » 09 Feb 2016, 02:15


Scroll down the page and click on the Arrow it have 6 pages.

(Página 1 de 6) = "Page 1 of 6"

The real name of 2nd League in Angola it calls "Segundona".



2015 Segundona Teams - 21 of July 2015

Serie A

Porcelana FC
Renascimento (Uíge)
Ismael FC (Uíge)
Polivalente FC
Real Mbuco (Cabinda) - They not play in this cup.
Mpata Ponta (Bengo) - They not play in this cup.

Serie B

1º de Maio de Benguela
JGM do Huambo
Jackson Garcia de Benguela
4 de Abril
Casa Militar do Cuando Cubango
Malange Sport Clube

Source: ... 8e818.html

2014 Segundona

Link: ... -arranque/

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