Logo Thread (New/Old/Better)

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Logo Thread (New/Old/Better)

Postby Grolli » 03 May 2015, 13:47

This thread give you the possibility to sumit any new logos, old logos or better versions to us.
We will make sure to respond on all logo submissions here and also give reasons for possible rejections of logos.

How to submit a logo here?

1) add the logo(s) into the post

2) make sure to either tell us the name of the club or simply copy-paste the WFA club profile URL, so we can check it easily without searching which club is meant

3) if you know any time frames for the logo (like since when its new or in which time frame old logo was used), pls mention it

4) make sure to mention the source, so we can verify the logo

Ok enough said, lets get rolling ;)

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